This Standard has been developed at the European and international level by BDIH (Germany), COSMEBIO & ECOCERT (France), ICEA (Italy) and SOIL ASSOCIATION (UK) who are the founders of the COSMOS-standard AISBL (an international non-profit association registered in Belgium) in order to define common requirements and definitions for organic and/or natural

The “COSMOS-standard”, includes this Standard, the Control Manual, the Labelling Rules and the Technical Guide (which contains additional interpretation and explanation).

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Certified organic ingredients:

Oh-Lief’s Baby, Body and sun care are created from ingredients which have been certified organic by one of the numerous certifying institutions that operate worldwide. An organic ingredient (or natural ingredient) is formally an ingredient which has been harvested without the use of synthetic chemical compounds.

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Beauty without cruelty

Beauty Without Cruelty is an animal rights organisation with a primary objective to educate and
inform the public about the exploitation, abuse and suffering of animals and to offer humane,
non-animal alternatives to replace cruel and harmful lifestyle choices.

Oh-lief Natural Products are endorsed by Beauty without cruelty.

Vegan and Vegetarian

All of Oh-lief’s certified natural products within their 3 ranges are vegetarian, we have the following vegan options:

  • Baby Shampoo & wash
  • Green Rooibos body and face oil
  • Body wash
  • Hand wash

Sunscreen Endorsements and certifications:

Oh-lief’s full sunscreen range has been endorsed by the Cancer association of South Africa.
All CANSA’s Seal-bearing sunscreens will adhere to the new COLIPA standards and carry the new SunSmart Seal of Approval to show this.
All listed sunscreens also comply with the EU Colipa Standards and / or SANS 1557:2013 Edition
3.2 (incorporating the new ISO standards) and bear the CANSA SunSmart Choice Seal (CSSS).

Proudly South African

All Oh-lief’s products are handmade with Love in our factory in Maitland, Cape town,