How long do the products last for?

Our products all have a shelf life ranging from 18 -24 months. In our balms we use raw beeswax which is a self preserving agent in nature. Every product has a batch code and expiry date which will provide you with the necessary info.

How long before my product will be finished?

The usage of our products is very cost effective as an average product last between 2 – 18 months with daily use.

Can our baby range be used on a new born?

Our Baby range was developed for children and babies of all ages and skin types. Oh-lief natural products can be used from the first day.

What about sensitive skin and dry skin conditions, such as eczema?

Oh-Lief Natural products were formulated specifically for people and babies with sensitive skin and dry skin conditions such as eczema. Our formulations are extremely gentle and made from 100 % natural and certified organic ingredients. Our products are free from sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, artificial fragrances, parabens, ethanol, petroleum, parrafin, mineral oils, synthetic chemicals and colourants, all of which may irritate the skin, aggravate eczema and lead to many skin allergies. We created a range that is safe and gentle for everyone, and caring for our environment by not using harmful chemicals.

What is the difference between cosmetically refined oils and natural & organic raw oils?

Cosmetic natural oils are not in their raw natural state. They have been refined by chemical processes and are used in all conventional skin care products. All our vegetable oils are 100% edible, natural and certified Organic.

Is it safe to use Oh-lief Body Care Products while I am pregnant?

Yes, Oh-Lief Natural Products only make use of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients in all our products and the essential oils are used at concentrations of less than 2%. We have a wonderful Tummy wax that is fragrance free. If you are sensitive to scents during your pregnancy we would definitely recommend our Tummy wax, as it contains no essential oils, perfumes, vitamin A & E which can be harmful during pregnancy.

If I eat organic foods, why should I use organic skin care too?

For babies and Children: Conventional skincare products may contain certain ingredients such as fragrances and preservatives which act as antigens, substances that trigger allergic reaction. Chemicals found in conventional skincare products are absorbed by the skin, reaching the blood vessels and traveling around your baby’s body. The long term effect of exposure to these chemicals may result in serious health and skin problems. Their Livers and nervous systems can’t break down or handle harsh chemicals

Adults: Using synthetic chemical based skin care products adds to the toxic burden that we have to deal with, as studies have shown that your skin may come into contact with around 75 000 chemicals and you may absorb up to 60% of any substance applied. By using organic skin care products you can help to decrease the toxic load on your body and on the environment.

Do any of the Oh-lief Natural Products contain petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, aluminum or harmful preservatives?

Absolutely not, we formulate our products according to the standards of international recognized organic certification bodies from around the world which do not allow any of these ingredients. “We believe in safe products for babies, toddlers and families, which is why none of our products are harmful to sensitive skin or the environment.” Our products contain only pure, raw, edible, natural ingredients, while our formulations are inspired by nature’s simplicity

Do Oh-Lief Natural Body and Baby care products contain any fragrance/perfumes?

The term fragrance/perfume does not indicate to the consumer whether the ingredients are natural or synthetic, or how many ingredients are used – some fragrances contain as many as 200 different synthetic chemicals to form one fragrance. Oh-Lief Natural Products don’t use any synthetic perfumes or fragrances, we only use pure scents from 100% certified organic essential oils. Our formulations are designed with as little scent as possible; we like to produce products that are not overwhelming and strong.

Why does organic products sometimes variations in colour, scent or texture?

It is actually a very good sign in products. Natural ingredients are not standardized and uniformly mass-produced the way synthetic ones can be. Our natural oils and other ingredients are harvested from different farms at different times of the year and this may look, smell or feel different when used in a product. The colour in our balms may vary as; every bee’s beeswax will be different from colour and smell due to its unique diet and area/habitat.

Why do a few of your ingredients sound unnatural?

All ingredients are given their given their Latin, INCI name (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) as required by Legislation. Please visit our ingredients page on this web site for more info. It will provide their use and gives their common names and sources. The ingredients in our products that sound unnatural are from natural sources. Such as; Cocamidopropyl Betaine derived from coconut sugar and Decyl Glucoside derived from corn and coconut.

Is Oh-Lief packaging recyclable?

We go out of our way to source recyclable packaging material where possible, such as HDPE plastic. Look out for the recyclable logo (add ons recycle logo-hartjie) on the packaging. We also, allow clients to bring their empty Oh-lief containers to our blending- house at Salt Circle, Woodstock (link na address) where we refill them with their favorite product, at R10 discount!

What is the shelf life of Oh-Lief Natural products?

The shelf life of our products ranges from 18 to 24 months depending on the product. The expiry date of the product is listed on the product next to the batch code. Our products are very cost effective as usage of them tends to last must longer than conventional creams and body products.