Natural Olive Baby-Wax 125g

Multi-purpose Wax

Ideal baby massage wax, moisturizer & soothing balm. For sensitive skin.

How to use:

Our multi-purpose wax can be used as follow:

Warm wax between hands and massage baby with circular strokes, top-to-toe.

Apply small amounts on insect bites, problematic skin, scrapes & scratches to soothe irritation.

For cradle cap: Massage a small amount on baby’s scalp, wait for the balm to soften the skin and use a ‘lice’ comb to gently brush off dead skin. please AVOID the fontanel.

with CERTIFIED organic Ingredients: 

Cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil*, Cold pressed Grapeseed Oil**, Beeswax** and Lavender Oil*

*certified organic ingredients    **natural ingredients